National Geographic

“The thrills of cross-country mountain biking are teased out over a span of days, not hours … Scenery and solitude, not adrenaline, are the payoff. Long-haul mountain bikers — loaded down with gear — typically avoid tight and bumpy singletrack and instead traverse dirt roads, abandoned railroad beds and canal towpaths … At least that’s what they did before Kevin Godard, owner of CBB, came along.”

Outside Magazine

“Backcountry Biker—which is run by a highly eager fellow named Kevin who calls himself The Hut Guy—will schlep your gear and drop food and beer at the huts. The huts sleep six comfortably and eight cozily, each one has a full bike maintenance setup inside. The trips end at the riverside Gateway Canyons Resort…”

“Kevin…The Hut Guy—will schlep your gear and drop food and beer at the huts…”

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Summit Daily News

“The pantry is a godsend. Godar has stocked it with a litany of healthy (and some not-so-healthy) food at your findertips. Cookies, candy bars, trail mix, soups, canned fruits, meats…all are a site for sore eyes…the huts are all so perfect and the views are spectacular. Evenings on the porch looking down into the valley was surreal.”

Adventure Cyclist

“We dug into the food cooler for the first time. It was loaded with ground beef, brats, salad, corn on the cob, potatoes, cookies — all the fixings for a great feast on the grill, which we cooked as the moon rose overhead and a glossy herd of horses walked through camp… When you wake up and there is nothing on your to-do list but ride 25 miles of great trails, descend 3,000 vertical feet, and spend the night in a luxury hotel, life is going well.”

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